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Web Chat

Here is a ruff tutorial on how to navigate the Web Chat.
Best viewed full screen.
If you want to register your Nickname.
/register Bob email pass
We dont use or want your real email so put Eg:
You will have to put that pass in every time you connect.
/pass password. Or in the Connect Dialog



Secure Mirc Chat, no connection script needed.
Ircx protocol so #rooms and %#rooms can be created.
Remotes code: on *:start: { /server } or +994 your choice.
on 1:JOIN:#:/nick 'name
If you want to use unicode Nicks.
Connect with a normal nick and on room join the above will give you that name.
Or once you join a room you can type: /nick 'name
Please use the apostrophe before the name for Unicode nicks!